Packing List:
Expedition Kayaking Skills Workshop

Bags & Packing

  • optional Small Stuff Sacks or Small Packing Cubes

    These help keep your clothing and gear organized.


  • (2-3) Synthetic T-Shirts, Tanks, or Athletic Tops

    T-shirts or tops made for running or working out are good choices. Stick to moisture-wicking fabrics. A long-sleeve, light-color, vented sun shirt may also work well.

  • (2) Pairs of Shorts

    Bring shorts designed for running or working out. Loose or compression fit. Look for moisture-wicking nylon, polyester, nylon/spandex, or polyester/spandex fabrics. A pair of nylon hiking pants may also work well.

  • Long Sleeve Baselayer Top

    Look for wool, Capilene, or polyester fabrics. No cotton.

  • Pair of Baselayer Bottoms

    Moisture-wicking long underwear bottoms or ankle-length tights made for training/running. Look for wool, Capilene, nylon/spandex, or polyester/spandex. No cotton.

  • (2-3) Pairs Athletic Underwear

    Stick to moisture-wicking fabrics. No cotton. If you pack shorts with built-in liners, you can pack fewer pairs of underwear.

  • (2) Sports Bras

    (If applicable.) Stick to synthetic or wool fabrics. No cotton.

  • Upper Body Insulation Layer

    A polyester fleece jacket or synthetic "puffy" jacket. This should be able to be worn under your rain jacket. No cotton.

  • Extra Upper Body Insulation Layer

    A lightweight polyester fleece top or other layer to add additional warmth. You should be able to wear this with all your other upper body layers.

  • Waterproof/Breathable Rain Jacket

    A lightweight hard shell you can wear over your other upper body layers.

  • optional Waterproof/Breathable Rain Pants

  • optional Long Sleeve Neoprene Top and Full-Length Bottoms

    These provide warmth while paddling - even if wet. 0.5 to 1 mm suggested.

Hand, Neck, and Headwear

  • Cloth Face Mask

  • Hat with a Brim

    A baseball hat, visor, or sun hat.

  • Knit Hat

    A wool, synthetic knit, or fleece hat for cool nights.

  • Lightweight Gloves

    Pack fleece, Power Stretch, or other gloves made for running or for use as a medium-weight liner.


  • Pair of River Sandals or Water Shoes

    Bring either sport sands with ankle straps (like Chacos or Tevas) or water shoes. Flip flops are not acceptable.

  • Pair of Camp Shoes

    Old sneakers or Crocs are good choices.

  • Pair of Wool Socks

    For cool nights at camp

Personal Care

  • Sunglasses with Strap

  • Sunscreen

    Pack at least 3oz of sunscreen. We recommend SPF 30. Smaller containers work better than larger ones. No aerosol spray cans.

  • Lip Balm with SPF

  • 2oz Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

  • Toiletries

    Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, lotion, moisturizer with SPF, brush/comb, etc.

  • Small Microfiber Camp Towel

  • Any Medications You Take

  • Menstrual Hygiene Supplies

    (If applicable.) Tampons, Diva Cup, or pads. Pack 50% more supplies than you expect to need.

  • Spare Glasses or Contact Lenses

    (If applicable.)

  • optional Bandana

  • optional Insect Repellent

    Look for the active ingredient DEET. Ben's brand is packaged well for backcountry travel. No aerosol sprays.

  • optional Bathing / Body Wipes


  • Notebook and Pen in a ZipLoc bag

  • Sleeping Bag

    Bring a backpacking-style sleeping bag rated for 35-degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

  • LED Headlamp and Spare Set of Batteries

  • (2) Water Bottles

    Minimum of 40oz of total volume. Pick bottles with a screw-top lid that covers the areas your mouth contacts. A Nalgene-brand bottles are good choices.

  • optional Sleeping Bag Liner

  • optional Camping/Travel Pillow

    A compressible or inflatable camping pillow can make nights more comfortable.

Provided by Bad Adventures

  • Kayaks & Paddles

  • Personal Flotation Device (Life Jacket)

    Want to bring your own? No problem! Just let us know before your trip.

  • Tents

    Sturdy, dome-style backpacking tents.

  • Camping Mattresses

    Inflatable camping mattresses make nights more comfortable. You may also bring your own. Just let us know before your trip.

  • Stoves & Cookware

    We cover the stoves, fuel, pots, pans, and utensils!

  • Dinnerware

    We have bowls, plates, sporks, and mugs. You can leave that rusty old spork at home!

  • Dry Bags

    We provide enough dry bags to protect all your personal on-water gear.

  • Camp Chair

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